triple negative breast cancer

Sel Kanker Payudara Triple Negatif – Breast cancer is a dangerous disease, one of which is triple-negative breast cancer.

There are so many types of breast cancer, but what we will discuss this time is the Triple Negative type of breast cancer. This type of negative type of breast cancer generally attacks women aged 40 years who have a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. This puts the child at risk of developing triple-negative cancer.

Triple-negative breast cancer transmits up to 15% of other types of breast cancer which are also invasive breast cancers, this will also remove cancer cells that have grown out of their place of origin and will spread rapidly into the breast tissue.

Triple-negative breast cancer is another type of cancer that affects the breast organs that generally affects women. Triple-negative breast cancer has different characteristics from other types of breast cancer.

Triple-negative breast cancer will be more aggressive, treatment is still very limited compared to other types of breast. Hence this is why triple-negative breast cancer is so dangerous.

The symptoms of triple-negative breast cancer are almost the same as for other types of breast cancer. We recommend that if there are symptoms of breast cancer it is better to just go to the doctor for intensive treatment.

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